13 Jul 2016

Choosing the right breed of dog for your lifestyle

There are a staggering 340 different breeds of dogs recognised across the world. So when it comes to choosing the right breed for your family, you have a pretty tricky task on your hands. Often the first thing that comes to peoples mind are the more emotive qualities in a breed. The most commonly used words when people are asked to describe an ideal dog are characteristics such as loyal, cute, cuddly, obedient and family friendly. While most people have a clear idea about the sort of personality they want in a dog, there are a number of other important factors to consider when making that important decision.

One of the main factors to consider is the amount of daily time you will be able to dedicate to exercising your pet. Some dogs will be very happy with a short daily walk whereas other more hyperactive breeds can require a minimum of one to two hours daily exercise. For example, greyhounds are a famously low maintenance breed requiring one or two short daily walks for 15-20 minutes. Border Collie’s by contrast can have intense physical stamina which can be exhausting and even exasperating for families which wanted a laid back pet.

Where you live and the size of your property is another factor to consider, for example if you live in a small flat in a town, a larger dog may struggle to find the space they need to move about. Likewise, if you live in the country in an exposed environment, much smaller and fine coated breeds may struggle to cope in the colder months of the year. Garden size is particularly important also for young families; you will need to consider the size of outdoor space your dog and children will have to share.

Coat length and type are often forgotten about when selecting a breed, many dogs shed vast quantities of hair which can pose problems for people who want to keep a very tidy household. Other breeds with longer, curlier hair coats can require regular daily grooming to avoid matting in addition to frequent trips to the groomers which can be costly.

Finally, many people also need to consider their own health in selecting a dog breed, there are numerous breeds which are considered better for allergy sufferers aka hypoallergenic breeds. The good news is there are number of different hypoallergenic breeds of all shapes, sizes and exercise requirements for you to choose from.